Automatic Fire Suppression System

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Automatic Fire Suppression System, Fire Detection Systems Supplier in India

Fire on surface mining equipment is a serious hazard to life and property. The large size of these equipment magnifies the problem by increasing the potential for fires, obstructing the operators’ view of fire hazards etc. With the increasing size of the equipment, the portable fire extinguishers are totally inadequate, to minimize this, we provide Automatic Fire Suppression System for mining equipment.

Our Fire Suppression System proposed for installation on mining equipment would cover pre-determined hazardous areas in and around the engine, hydraulic transmission systems, etc.

It would be tailored to suit the operating conditions, wherein the equipment is used in Mines and other areas prone to high temperature/flames.

An automatic fire suppression system saves human lives protects property/equipment from any kind of fire accident.


The detection of Overheat/Fire conditions is based on thermal sensing. This is done by a sensor cable located around/near the engine, pumps, fuel/hydraulic tank, valve bank. The sensor cable is a continuous heat detector, which can respond to fire on any part of its length. It is comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated and twisted together to impose a spring pressure between them, then wrapped with protective tape and finished with an outer jacket suitable for the environment where it is installed.

The sensor cable is a fixed temperature digital sensor and is capable of initiating an alarm once its rated activation temperature (180 C) is reached. At this temperature, the heat-sensitive polymer insulation melts and yields to the pressure upon it permitting the inner conductor to move into contact with each other and initiating signal to the control unit and the extinguisher system.