10 Best Companies in Bangalore For Social Media Marketing

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In today's age, digital media marketing is on the rise. And thanks to Covid-19, more than 65% of businesses are coming online to reach their target audience. Thus, if you are looking to grow your brand in an age where digital media is the number one marketing platform, it is imperative to take advantage of all the available online resources at your disposal. And the best tool for that purpose is social media.

If you are based in India or just looking to outsource here, some of the best social media marketing agencies can be found in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.

Read on to find out the best social media marketing agencies here.

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Why is social media marketing essential for your brand's success?

Social media platforms are teeming with millions of users. A robust social media marketing technique can launch your brand and propel it forward to get the adequate exposure it needs. This is why social media marketing can be your best weapon to get ahead of your competitors and successfully exploit the digital market space to your brand's advantage.

Different social media platforms allow businesses to follow their potential buyers and track customers' activities. This helps you understand your target audience and be better informed about their dislikes, likes and interests.

Thus, you can create an optimised marketing strategy to attract potential buyers and consumers.

Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is aptly called the Silicon Valley of India and is the technology hub here. It is also the third most populated city in India. Leading global brands like Infosys, Wipro, and IBM have their Indian headquarters in this city. Also, international agency networks have acquired several companies here, which is a testament that Bangalore has the right talent pool for digital marketing.

Bangalore is also the Hub for numerous multinational companies to localise and outsource content and marketing campaigns. For example, the US tech giant IBM has partnerships with various odd agencies here that help it to localise customised campaigns for the Indian market.

Before we dive into the best social media marketing agencies here, let's have a quick look at some expert tips on choosing the right social media marketing agency for your business.

Tips for choosing the best social media marketing agency

Social media marketing agencies in Bangalore differ in the type of services they offer, their size, pricing, strengths, clients, specialisation and much more. Thus, to simplify things, a few expert tips are listed below to help you choose the best agency for your business.

  • Establish your approximate budget so that you can connect with your agency right from the start.
  • Determine your overall marketing needs to narrow down your search.
  • Research about your agency online and go through their reviews and client testimonials.
  • Connect with people working in the agency so that you know their capabilities.
  • Get to know about their work process and game plan.

Now that you know how to choose the best social media agency in Bangalore let's look at the top 10 agencies present here.

Top 10 digital marketing agencies in Bangalore

The agencies listed here are in no order, and each one of them is as promising as the other. They are of all shapes and sizes, and it is up to you to choose the right one among them.

  1. Connect

Kinnect is one of the leading social media marketing agencies like Bangalore and has branches all over India in eminent cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Founded in 2100, this agency has won different prestigious awards for its exceptional work for many small and big businesses. Connect offers various solutions like video production, influencer marketing, Web and SEO management, and creative strategy. Academic writing agencies providing services like essay help fall into its top clientele category.

  1. WAT Consult

WAT Consult is a social media marketing agency that has won numerous global accolades. It consists of a diverse group of highly skilled individuals with the social media landscape. They can help you craft result-driven campaigns complete with art, data and experience. From UI/UX design, social media strategy, integrated social media campaigns to measuring KPIs and social analytics, WAT Consult can provide you with a full-fledged social media marketing campaign.

  1. Social Orange

Social Orange has a team of social media experts that can provide you with numerous social media services. It offers you customised solutions for your brand to help you successfully create a solid social media strategy. It offers you seamless SMM, SMO and other social media services like exceptional graphic design to capture your audience's attention and make your brand more visible.

  1. 22Feet Tribal

22 Feet started in 2009 as an independent digital marketing agency and have grown to have offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon over the years. Some of their notable clients include Royal Enfield, Nike, Tanishq, Spotify, etc., to mention a few. 22 Feet offers you a full range of social media services and can help your brand grow, gain followers, and increase your engagement rates.

  1. Langoor

Named after the native Indian primate species “Langoor”, the agency has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Australia. The agency has more than 200 plus employees and boats of a global clientele with Ford, Accenture, News Corp, among others. Langoor has two units; one caters to the needs of B2C clients and the other, B2B.

  1. Social Beat

Just as the name suggests, Social Beat was founded to improve social media presence for its clients. It offers you an entire gamut of social media marketing services that can help your brand push its way through different social media channels. The agency has clients with the likes of Boat, Tata Cliq, Dell, Wonder Chief, etc.

  1. Dentsu Webchutney

Dentsu Webchutney was one of India's first digital marketing agencies and had a history of firsts along its journey. It is a creative powerhouse and has some of the best designers, copywriters and content creators. It offers you a complete range of social media services like communications, advertising, digital marketing, brand marketing, social analytics, among others. Its notable clients include Swiggy, IKEA, Flipkart, Sony Entertainment, Google, Britannia and many more.

  1. Team Pumpkin

Launched in 2012 by two people who had a passion for social media channels like Twitter, Team Pumpkin has a vision of connecting people with the brands they love. Their motto, "Making Every Business A Digital Brand", reflects the agency's dedication and commitment to their craft. Team Pumpkin has the right set of tools and talents to get the job done for you, from digital strategy consultation to app development.

  1. Webenza

Webenza is a relatively new digital marketing agency, and in over three years, they have grown to create a name for itself in a competitive landscape. They have just 50 talented employees who are more than capable of taking care of all your social media marketing needs. They specialise in creating customised social media marketing campaigns, monitoring and reporting services and also Online Reputation Management (ORM).

  1. Openthrive

Openthrive is one of the best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore. It is also HubSpot-certified in inbound marketing and caters fully to both startups and enterprises. Their main agenda is providing exceptional social media services at shockingly low prices. They have also mastered the sales and marketing funnels and boasts of several international clients. Thus, if you are on a tight budget and looking for an agency that will get you the best social media exposure, Openthrive is the agency for you.

Final thoughts

This list of the best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore will help you choose the right one for your brand. First, however, you should try to do a bit of research yourself to find out the one agency that will be the perfect fit for your needs.

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