Ready To Go PayPal Clone App With Unique Features

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The Omninos Paypal Clone is an end-to-end business grade payment gateway. Clients can enroll on your site and instantly begin accepting payments.

In order to help users transfer money quickly and securely, we developed this PayPal clone script, which is more reliable and easier for the users to use. With this Payment processor script, users need not find it hard to make the money transfer process. PayPal clone open source offers a payment gateway where users can send and receive money without many restrictions, rules, and interventions. The admin can earn a percentage of the transaction fee from each transaction, and this can be managed in the admin dashboard. Any startup entrepreneur who plans to start a money transfer website with its own PayPal clone script software will find it to be one of the best revenue models. The Money Transfer Clone Script is designed in a way that the admin can add multiple currencies and banks from a well-designed and interactive admin dashboard. PayPal Script has a site settings and CMS management module, as well as the user profile management module, all of which can easily be accessed through the admin panel. This script is optimized for mobile devices including the iPad and tablets as it has a responsive design.

In the PayPal clone software user dashboard, you can see a summary of your recent activity and transactions, and you can also see the transactions by date by using the advance filter by date tool. Many business people began creating their own mobile wallet applications after realizing the success of PayPal and other mobile wallet applications. People were now able to shop and travel without carrying cash. It also allows users to add their bank details so that they can send and request money, as well as deposit and withdraw money, easily and without hassles, using PayPal or their bank accounts. Our Money Transfer Clone Script was designed in an SEO-friendly manner and in accordance with Google standards, so you can use it to start your own payment platform that facilitates user transfers from all over the world. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you out.

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