Top Tourist Attractions in Vienna to explore in 2021

Vienna is one of the most visited cities of Europe, and it is also recognized as the capital of the Republic of Austria. This amazing city is situated on the banks of the Danube River.

It offers a great experience to its visitors from all over the world. The rich history and culture of Vienna attract millions of tourists every year. In the present meantime, Vienna is also the most essential cultural and commercial hub of Austria. 


The fine historical architecture and many other tourist attractions make this place one of the best spots to spend a lovely vacation with your family and friends in 2021. If you are getting excited and looking to plan a tour to Vienna, yet you are confused about making the must-visit list, then this blog will be perfect for you. From here, you will get the list of top tourist attractions in Vienna to explore in 2021.


Have a look,


  • Embrace the beauty of The Hofburg.


The Hofburg stands as the finest and prime attraction of Vienna. The beauty of this historically significant palace is magically gorgeous. This massive palace is stretched in 59 acres of area, including 19 courtyards, 18 groups of buildings, and 2600 rooms. So, if you are getting fond of this palace and want to visit here, Delta Airlines Booking will help you. 


  • Witness the masterpiece of the 18th century - Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens.


Schloss Schonbrunn is an 18th-century historical palace where one can visit to witness its and its gardens' beauty. This palace is also recognized as Vienna's ultimate tourist attractions, with more than 1441 rooms, apartments and beautifully decorated gardens. This destination is now under UNESCO World Heritage and opens for tourists to explore. 


  • Visit the St. Stephen's Cathedral.


If you are a religious person and want to visit the most sacred place in Vienna, then St Stephan's Cathedral will be the place. This gorgeous church offers you the beauty of 12th-century architecture. So book Delta Airlines Tickets and visit Vienna to explore this gorgeous Gothic church.  


  • Let's ride a horse in the Spanish Riding School.


This place will be the heaven of horse riding lovers. The Spanish Riding School welcomes millions and millions of tourists from all over the world every year to experience the adventure of horse riding. 


  • The shiny white Belvedere Palace.

There is one more amazingly gorgeous palace in Vienna that hypnotizes its visitors with its white beauty. This could be the best tourist attraction to end your small tour of Vienna with your family and friends. If Delta Airlines Book a Flight   for you, then you will find the best deals to visit Vienna.