The project went forward anyway until the last weekend

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The project went forward anyway until the last weekend

The project went forward anyway until the last weekend, even when the Chronoshiftdev account posted a message saying the developers were contacted by Riot's security division, who"tried to extort us into handing over our code and site to LoL accounts them"

"We have been working with this job for almost 5 decades and thousands of hours," Chronoshiftdev wrote. "We never asked for even as much as a donation during all this time, paying each the expenses from our pockets. We have denied and banned people that offered us thousands of dollars to acquire access to the undertaking."

The message contains a link to a screen record of a conversation with Zed, someone claiming to be a member of Riot's security department employee. It starts off well enough, stating that Riot's legal staff"is not super thrilled in your job unfortunately and is searching for a way to come to a mutually acceptable end to it"

But the tone changes quickly whenever the developer involved refuses to immediately play ball: Zed first implies that Riot is observing the Chronoshift team's activities in real time (like purported attempts to delete chat stations ), then produces a flat demand for the website, the source code, and most of identifiable information that had been shared with other developers.

"Give me what I am searching for and buy LoL smurf accounts we will not sue. Refuse and we shall," they said. "I'm not interested in dragging this out. If you feel you'd love to talk to legal representation you're certainly capable of doing this. I am about the security team. I find people and things. I don't practice law and have little/nothing to do with any legal proceedings Riot is included in. We could come to an agreement to end this now or we can both hands this off to counsel. To be honest I don't care either way"