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If you fly economically, on internal routes on routes from / to France and Germany, you will pay for all checked luggage (excluding some status and credit cardholders). Your first checked bag (or 2) is complimentary on most trips abroad.

If you're vigilant about your luggage throughout the excess or over a section of American Airlines Reservations, the airline will pay you the bag fee.

American Airlines Carry On Allowance-

  • You can carry one personal item for free
  • You can carry one standard carry on for free

What Are The Size Restrictions?

  • standard : 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm)
  • Personal : 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36x 23cm )

Travelers can also include in their hold a soft holdall which can size up to 51 yards (130 cm). Sacks for gate checks may be subject to a surcharge.


Lap Children's Program Continue On

  • In extra to the individual carry-on limit, a one diapers pouch per kid is allowed
  • Checking policy for scooters
  • One slip and/or one backrest can be inspected for each and every client! 
  • Inspect ticket booth for drivers above 20 pounds (9 lb)

What Is The Checked Baggage Allowance For American Airlines?

For the economic and superior budget and 70 kilos (32 kg) for first business class fees, every checked luggage must conform to the gross altitude of 50 grams (23 kilograms). The sole exemptions are travelers traveling to New Zealand from the business or the improved business and can carry a single ticket up to 70. (32 kg). Minimal rectangular sizes of 62 meters may apply for hold luggage (158 cm)

What Are The Seasonal Baggage Restrictions?

For voyages from Jun 1, 2021, to Oct 30, 2021, seasonality prices apply.

  • Big Cabin: Free or available in accordance with the following table
  • Luxury Financial system: 2 bags provided (including travelers on or after Feb 23, 2021, to Alaska or Hawaii); 3+ for buy by the following table
  • Company: 2 free boxes; 3+ packs purchased in the following table.
  • One and only: from 2 to 3 pouches **; from 3 to 3+ should be bought by the following table

What Are The Additional Feed On Your Baggage?

  • Overweight Fee from 51 to 70 kg: 100 dollars.
  • Oversized Fee of between 71 and 100 kg: $ 200 * (not acceptable from and to Europe and from Cuba) (32 to 45 kg)
  • For certain towns in South and Central America, Guatemala, and the Mediterranean, periodically, just two bags are allowed. With seasonal restrictions, you may examine the cities suitably.
  • Selected cities in México, the Mediterranean, and South America are only allowed with two luggage. In year limits, you may see the eligible cities once you make American Airlines Booking .
  • Under products including gliders, windsurfers, or diving cylinders, owing to their particular treatment needs, will still be subject to a charge of $ 150.

This article is all about American Airlines baggage policies and charges you are subjected to pay while flying through AA.

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