Successful Book Promotion Takes Several Methods

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Founded in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run in a bedroom office to one of the leading book publicity agencies in the world.

There are millions of books in print and thousands more published each week. It means authors and publishers need well-planned marketing and publicity campaigns to support their new releases. The most influential book promotion campaigns rely on a combination of factors all working together. If you're an author trying to be reviewed and sell books, you don't want to overlook any essential areas. If you do, it's likely your book will remain invisible. It takes a plan and creativity to reach target readers, and you need to make it possible (or even easy) to discover and buy your book.

Luckily, many book topics are of interest to the media, and they are willing to cover a launch. Online reviews also are crucial, and accumulating as many as possible is helpful. People like to hear the opinions of others when they are considering buying and reading books. Today, virtually all media coverage is repurposed on the internet and lives on for much longer than the initial broadcast or publication date. Links to media coverage – interviews, stories, reviews – are excellent to add to your author's website and social media pages. Coverage in the media gives you and your book credibility in the reader's eyes.

Doing well when you talk to the media is a requirement and if it's not an area where you're a natural, consider media training. Book promotion is more successful when you, as the author, can handle yourself well when speaking to the media. It's about both content and preparation. You want to get your points across clearly and in a way that's easy for people to understand. You also want to speak clearly and avoid repeating things like um when you're talking. Some authors who start very shy and tongue-tied become quite successful with the media after training. You deserve the chance to do your best.

Online channels are an increasingly significant part of book marketing, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual booksellers give you many opportunities to promote yourself and your book, but you need to do it skillfully. You need to complete all sections of your author profile and book description pages, use keywords, and make them interesting to read. Other authors are working hard in all of these areas, and you need to do better than them to attract the attention of readers. Today's freedom to self-publish books without a stigma has brought many more books and authors to the marketplace.