The method of Warlock quickly reach WOW TBC classic 70 level

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After WOW TBC Classic was released for a while, some players reached level 70. The most important factor is that they Buy Cheap Classic TBC Gold For Sale from MMOSO. The most important thing is that this player has been using Warlock, even if it takes a long time for ordinary people to rise from level 60 to level 70. The news immediately shocked the entire World of Warcraft players.

The player named Hacez successfully reached level 70 by farming the dungeon after about 14 hours. The dungeon group belongs to the Progress of the European server Firemaw's guild. Hacez's record-setting feat is particularly impressive because they played the role of warlock throughout the leveling experience.

Although warlocks have obvious advantages as a profession in the Burning Crusade, compared with more efficient DPS professions such as hunters and wizards, this profession is still struggling to upgrade. In the entire process of vying for the number one in the world, the leaderboard has been dominated by wizard players, thanks to their ability to knock down large groups of creatures with AoE abilities such as Blizzard and Flame Strike.

After reaching level 70, you and your team have full access to the TBC endgame, heroic dungeons, and the adjustment process of the Karazhan raid. In short, like opening the door to a new world, more excitement is still waiting for you.

Of course, this is only the super level of a few players. Ordinary people who want to quickly reach level 70 must Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold to help them win the battle, continue to win, win loot, and upgrade their level.