Web Design Essentials That Works

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Vicdigit is a full-service local digital marketing agency in San Jose offering PPC, SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, website design, and much more!

Easy Design

When it comes to web design development, less is more. Go for a simple design that is easy for the user to view. Use a limited palette of colors, and remember to be consistent.


Where ever possible, try to innovate something different with your website content. Users are very used to seeing the same content on multiple websites, and for your site to stand out from the crowd, you will need to innovate.

Points of Interaction

Always provide an opportunity for the user of your website to interact. Interaction is key to engaging your audience. Interaction is also key to capturing audience information so that you can learn more about users and their preferences.

Work to web standards

Always work to web standards make sure your website looks right on all major browsers. Also, ensure that your site is accessible for the visually impaired.

Keep it simple

Often the easiest route to take when designing websites is to overcomplicate. Why have 1menu when we can have 20? Simplicity is key. A complicated website will prove unpopular with users; they will simply click away and go elsewhere.


Integrate the design of your website with offline and other digital designs. Make sure that one consistent set of design rules is followed.

Don't just copy everyone else.

If all of your competitor's websites look the same, then why fall into the same trap. Differentiate your website through innovative web design.

Allow for growth

Make sure that the architecture of your website allows for further development. This means not building a website where pages can't be added and using menus that can't be adapted or added to as your site grows over time and new content is added.

Navigation consistency

This one speaks for itself!

Keep content fresh

Humans and search engines love websites where content changes on a regular basis. Make sure that when you design your website, you build in the ability to update and add new pages and other types of content. Think about how you will manage this content.

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