The Health Dangers of Flies and Insects

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When it comes to your property, you do your best to keep things clean and hygienic. Indeed, good hygiene measures are crucial in ensuring that we stay safe, protected, and healthy. And, if there’s anything that the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that we’re perhaps not as invincible as we had previously believed!


How COVID 19 Has Changed Our Approach to Hygiene

Unsurprisingly, then, many people are spending more time considering how to keep their homes clean and safe from the virus. Standard protocols addeford to the house-cleaning routine include disinfectant sprays, keeping all foods covered and cleaned, and the like. Plus, many of us are still doing our bit and wearing face masks while out and about. These are all crucial aspects to limit the spread of the disease.

That’s all well and good, but unfortunately, taking preventative measures against COVID may not be enough to keep us safe. Indeed, there are also many other dangers that we can face for health and safety in our properties – and one such risk comes in a surprisingly inconspicuous but common form.


The Dangers of Houseflies

Houseflies might not seem like a major danger, but the diseases that they transmit are numerous. Indeed, as Orkin explains, “With their diet of feces, trash, rotting produce, and spoiled meats, house flies constantly pick up pathogens. The insects then carry these germs and leave them behind wherever they land. The transfer process only takes a matter of seconds.

In addition to spreading the bacteria that cling to their bodies, these flies often vomit and defecate where they land and feed. In addition, these pests often gather in kitchens and buzz around food, so this behavioral tendency adds to the potential spread of house fly diseases.”

Some of the diseases that houseflies can bring into your home include salmonella, e-coli, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and more. So don’t take that chance; protect your home against house flies instead.


Invest in Custom Window Screens to Protect Your Property

We’ve clarified, then, that houseflies can represent a potentially significant risk for the health and safety of your property. As such, if you have the option, you may want to consider taking preventative measures against flies – and one such option is investing in custom window screens.

Custom window screens offer excellent value for money for many people, and they can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your property by a professional installation team such as ours here at Screens of Georgia. So, don’t compromise. Find out more about custom window screens and the benefits that they can offer for your home today. We’re here to help you out.