Steam now has a better download page and Steam Level Up

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The Beta update of Steam was launched in July, and most users liked it very much. Because this update completely revised the download page to make it richer and easier to understand, and made much-needed changes to the storage manager, which greatly simplifies the process of moving games between multiple drives. The update at the time was limited to Steam users who opted into the client’s beta channel, but it is now available to everyone with specific instructions on the changes.

The most obvious part of the update to the Steam download page. Players can see the following differences:

Previously, the progress bar only showed the progress of downloading content, not the disk allocation process, which would cause the update to be displayed as completed when it was not completed. Now when the game update is actively downloading, it will now show the total progress of the download or update completed.
Any partially completed download/update in the queue will now display a faded progress bar and completion percentage next to it to clearly show its current status.
The new (i) icon next to the game title will display a tooltip showing the type of content included in the update. Types include game content, downloadable content, workshop content, and shader pre-caching. This icon will only appear when the update is not just about game content.
The download queue can now be completely reordered using drag and drop.
The context menu for active download items now includes the option to start the game when the download is complete and the option to pause the download limit (if enabled) during the download.
The "View News" button is now a "Patch Notes" link, which will open an overlay of the latest relevant patch notes for the game. This will only be displayed for games that have entered patch notes into the new event system. The patch notes link will only be displayed on the update, not a fresh install. For seminar updates, you can access the subscription items page sorted by update date by selecting "View updated items" from the context menu.

There are some very detailed changes in Steam, and when combined, it will make users feel more convenient, and the user experience will continue to rise. This is a very good aspect for Steam, which can retain more users.

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