The steam update makes it easier to manage your friends’ PC game downloads

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Steam is the most popular gaming PC storefront on the market, which is well known and beyond doubt. As far as my friends are concerned, almost everyone has a Steam account. But we have always felt that Steam's storage management is a bit abnormal. Even so, it is still tolerable. After all, compared with so many fun games, this is insignificant. Fortunately now, Valve has just released a new patch that completely changes the appearance of the application storage and download pages.

Valve’s latest update doesn’t look like many untrained people, but it actually makes viewing and managing Steam storage less cumbersome. Before the upgrade, the download page was relatively simple, and there were many shortcomings. The page always shows the download progress, but now it also shows the installation progress. It will give you a better idea of ​​how close you are to actually enter the game. Players can also change the download sequence by dragging and dropping the game sequence. Now you can manage your Steam library across multiple SSDs and hard drives while viewing a breakdown of installed games and content.

I think the new page has a more console look and feel. This change is great. This will allow players to move the game and control the PC's storage space in a more pleasant and less annoying way. If you want to use the new management page, you can enter the settings from there, then download, and finally click on "Steam Library Folder". This update is good, you can experience a different sense of operation.

It is worth mentioning that in the past few months, users of the beta version of Steam have enjoyed the exquisite settings of the storefront. However, now that the transformation is in full swing, any and all users can benefit from the redesigned page. Although Steam’s new storage management feature is undoubtedly the highlight of Valve’s latest overhaul, there are also various other adjustments that can be viewed on the Steam website.

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