MBBS in India or Abroad?

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Are you an aspiring student for MBBS? Then you must be confused about where to pursue the course? In India or Abroad? There are so many suggestions all around you. Some people will prefer you stay close to home and study. While a few relatives will say be brave and go far to study well. But it is really not just about the distance that you have to consider. You will have to compare many more aspects.

There are many benefits of going abroad for MBBS:

When you choose to step out of your home it is a big deal, here you will be going to another country. So your safety is a priority. If you consider MBBS in Philipines, this matter shall be addressed. It is a safe country for students. Furthermore, when you search for institutes for MBBS you shall see UV Gullas College of Medicine among them. It is a premium institute for MBBS. You will have a good experience and well-polished English among all the other benefits. Your degree shall be equivalent to all other MBBS degrees just like in India.

So, is it better to go abroad for studying MBBS?

We would say yes. As the cost of living is affordable and also the tuition fee is pocket friendly when you do MBBS in Philipines. There will be no donation fee or entrance test like NEET. In colleges like UV Gullas College of Medicine, there are separate hostels for girls and boys. They can get all sorts of food so no trouble in staying there. The syllabus and curriculum are similar to that in India. On returning to India you will be easily able to practice.


To be a good doctor you must study at a premium college where you will get world-class facilities. The labs and classes must be technologically advanced so that you are up to date with the new edge equipment. Also, you must look for options where you will be able to do further masters or specialisation if desired. This will shape your future and make you a successful person. The decision of selecting a college is a life-defining step as it will affect your career and life thereafter.