What is Vietnamese Coffee? All You May Need to Know

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What is Vietnamese Coffee? All You May Need to Know

A day in Vietnam doesn’t start without a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Being the second-largest producer of coffee globally, Vietnamese people hold coffee dear to their hearts and have a signature coffee bean.  So what is this Vietnamese coffee? Come let us take a trip to the world of Vietnam’s favourite drink.

Robusta coffee beans which are exclusively produced by Vietnam, is the only variety of beans used in the country for making coffee. While the rest of the world likes their Arabica coffee mild and sweet, Vietnamese people are more fond of the rich, sour taste of Vietnamese coffee made from roasted Robusta beans.

Not only that, Vietnamese people also use a traditional slow drip method to extract the best flavor from the beans. They use a small special aluminium filter locally called Phin, which is used for dripping the black coffee as they indulge in a chat with fellow drinkers. 

Vietnamese Coffee plays such a significant role in the country’s culture that people regard drinking coffee to be a daily ritual. This is because they believe that the time they get during the Phin slowly drips the specialty coffee, and one can sit back, take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, enjoying the calmness. 

Though filtered Vietnamese coffee can be found in any shop around the corner of a street, Vietnamese people do not like to compromise with the quality. Rather, with time, they have become more aware of the origin of the beans. Now more than ever, they have started focusing on the production method of the Robusta coffee beans, their caffeine content, texture etc. This dedication of the locals towards their favourite Vietnamese coffee even made Starbucks change their business model. 

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