Dilemmas Concerning Advanced Construction Materials

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Here are some concerns regarding the advanced construction materials that you should know about.


There has been an enormous growth of construction materials over time.


New advanced materials allow possibilities to transform how we build and retrofit buildings. They provide added value in terms of enhanced performance and functionality. The decrease of carbon track for construction materials can begin at the production phase, where energy-efficient methods can be generated and waste or recycled elements can be exercised. Different materials can likewise support address the new difficulties of durability in a changing environment Get the construction materials from construction supply online shop.


  • Sourcing: Sometimes advanced construction materials are excellent, but you can only purchase from a distributor that is on the other side of the country.


  • Bad pricing matrix: The best way to introduce a new product is to apply it on a small project or in a small section of the project, however, some pricing matrices or sales units make it prohibitive to even use a product in small amounts. This causes the product to be quickly abandoned and then everyone remembers and rejects the idea to use it again.


  • Education: The architect may not know about it and won’t specify it or won’t allow it as an alternate. Building officials may not allow advanced construction materials to be used due to code interpretation. And sometimes it is improper with the wrong expectation of performance or over-specification. In the latter case, it gets dropped due to costs. The builder doesn’t know how to apply it and then everyone involved gains a negative view of it when it doesn't perform.


  • Manufacturers ’ expectation of the product fails in the real world. Example 1: LP had a really interesting idea by using a composite wood product to create siding. The product failed and it is still part of the “remember when” lore of builders everywhere. LP has been fairly unsuccessful in breaking into markets with its 2.0 version.


Example 2, there are already been created concretes reinforced with carbon nanotubes, as seen on the image. It rises the elastic modulus, tensile strength resistance among other properties such as the thermal.


Every engineer would like to use these materials, but they are still too expensive to be used on a large scale.


  • Time to Market vs. Time to application: Many advanced products focus on selling to the big important projects of the world. The reason is that proof of concept on a big project makes everyone else want to use it. The issue is that a project may take 3–10 years to go from development to build. The question becomes how long can the company hold out while waiting to get the acclamation it needs to become profitable.


  • Cost: As mentioned before, technology can be awe-inspiring, but if it can’t be produced at a reasonable cost, the technology becomes a footnote in patent history. If you can’t produce on the scale, the market won’t like the price and no one buys it. The workaround would be to find the niche where the market doesn't care about the cost.


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