Does PRP work for hair loss?

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This article will let you know how PRP work for hair loss.

Platelet-rich plasma is a revolutionary treatment that activates the body’s natural healing. Doctors use it to treat various types of ailments. PRP hair Los Angeles specializes in hair and scalp treatment. The therapy aims at boosting hair growth, reversing hair loss, and strengthening hair strands. 

How PRP Work for Hair Loss

PRP works by repairing the worn-out cells in the treatment area. When you visit PRP hair, Los Angeles, the specialists will inject PRP on your scalp, and they concentrate on the areas most affected by hair loss. 

Before the actual injection, they need to prepare PRP from your blood. Once they draw the blood, they place it in a centrifuge. They spin the mixture of blood and coagulant, which separates into four parts. They carefully draw the platelet-rich layer and the buffer zone. Then they spin it for a second time to increase concentration. 

The PRP has a high concentration of blood proteins, and it helps the scalp cells and hair follicles experience natural healing. Also, it increases the circulation of blood under the scalp and revives the dormant follicles. After some time, the patient experiences increased hair growth, and they’ll also notice that the new hair grows thicker and stronger. 

Some scientists did some research on the effect of PRP on hair. One group noticed that it causes the density of hair strands on the scalp. The density may be due to the thickness of hair strands or an increased number of hair strands on the scalp. Another group used PRP and another topical product. Both methods got results, but the results were more prominent on the PRP patients. 


  • The method is minimally invasive and virtually painless
  • You’ll get permanent results
  • You don’t get exposed to foreign chemicals. Doctors prepare PRP from your blood. 
  • PRP for hair loss gives you natural-looking results. 
  • It opens up hair follicles. Thus, you grow thicker and healthier hair
  • The increase in blood circulation under the scalp improves the health of the scalp and follicles.
  • It helps in faster recovery when you use it alongside a hair transplant.

Side Effects

  • Blood vessels and nerve injury
  • Headache
  • Itching and swelling
  • Temporary bleeding on the treatment area
  • Scalp tenderness
  •  Mild pain on the scalp.


PRP hair Los Angeles are always gentle with their clients. You’ll enjoy the best hair therapy at a friendly cost. You should start seeing results four weeks after the first PRP session.