Inline Water Flow Meters: The most well-known Types and uses

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The most suitable kind of inline water flow meter to use rely upon precise treatment. For example, some flowmeters work well when holding various things.

All water flow meter varieties have different working principles, special advantages, and costs. A water flow meter regulates the quantity of liquid running through a pipe. Relying on the use, keeping needs, and budget, many working policies are to pick from.
The four essential inline water flow meter types are turbine, vortex, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic. This blog will explain everything you require to know about them and help you pick one for your use.

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Four Kinds of Water Flow Meters

Mechanical Flow Meters

They are the most basic and inexpensive inline water flow meters that perform flow measurement through turbine rotation with a shunt, propeller, or paddle wheel design. The mechanical kinds of water flow meters work by holding the velocity of water flowing through the pipe, making a piston or turbine turn. The volumetric flow rate of the water is equal to the rotational speed of the blades. The downside of mechanical water flow meters for water analysis is that they might clog up when the water is dirty or hold more significant bits, which leads to enhanced keeping costs. Mechanical water meters also do not serve well when the liquid flow is low.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex water flow meters use vortices emitted from a sensor engaged in the flow. Vortices are divisions of nature. Twists are created when a liquid moves past an obstacle, like the wind past a flagpole or water running around a rock in a stream. A sensor tab moves from side to side in a vortex meter when every vortex flows past, producing a frequency output directly equal to the volumetric flow rate. 

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic water flow meters hold liquid velocity moving by the pipe using ultrasound to control the volumetric flow. In a transition time ultrasonic inline water flow meter, an ultrasonic sign is given to the flowing fluid downwards, and then another sign is sent against the flowing liquid upwards. 

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic flowmeters regulate the velocity of a fluid reaching through a pipe using a magnetic field to control the volumetric flow. They are based on the source of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, according to which fluid produces a voltage when it passes through a magnetic field. The more prompt the liquid flow, the more the voltage is created. The voltage produced is directly equal to the fluid flow, and the voltage sign is made into the volumetric flow rate by the electronics. 


The most suitable kind of inline water flow meter to use rely upon precise treatment. For example, some flowmeters work well when holding various things. To learn more, consumers are urged to read white papers, watch videos, and use choosing tools to recognize the right Proteus flow analysis product for their liquid and water flow use.