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Different types of shorts that men should wear during summer


What is the best thing other than shorts to wear in summer?  Men love wearing shorts during summer since they are breathable enough to keep them cool all day. Fashion is changing day by day, and it will be only awkward to wear one type of shorts if you are a short-lover. It is time to ditch those tailored shorts and opt for more stylish and good looking shorts. There are endless options available at Wayrates to choose from when it comes to shorts. They all vary in texture, length and silhouette. It is advisable to shop for different designs of shorts to up your fashion game. Here are a few types of shorts that will make your summer vacation a fun experience.

  1. Cargo shorts

Cargo pants are nowadays finding a special place in every man’s wardrobe. They are now designed to be slimmer with proportional pockets compared to how they were in the past. If you love to incorporate military style in your closet, these shorts are the best to go with. You can choose to pair these shorts with oversized t-shirts and complete the look with nicepair of sneakers.Wayrates offers a wide variety of shorts and cheap cargo pants for men in different designs and colours, and you can choose depending on your preference. Wear such shorts when going out with your friends for a cool and relaxed look.

  1. Short shorts

I don't think there is any man that can admit he loves short shorts. The designers will love them. However,after a couple of drinks, we'll admit that we do too. We're talking about shorts that just hit the upper-middle thigh, not anything that only covers the groin region. Unsurprisingly, the condition of your legs makes a massive difference to how easily you can pull this fabric-swerving style off. Slimmer or larger legs will have no place to hide, so short shorts are best avoided for those insecure about their legs since they will get too many stares. For this, you'll need a loose long-sleeved shirt, worn-in retro sneakers and a pair of white sports socks.

  1. Tailored shorts

These are the most common type of shorts that you should never lack in your wardrobe. They are wardrobe staples that you can match with all men’s casual clothing during summer. Pair them with a nice shirt for a balanced look.


Experiment with different shorts to get what looks good in you.