New World developers hope it is different from other MMORPGs

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New World may naturally have similarities with other MMORPGs, but just like the same type of game, but it is undeniable that it has its own gameplay, style and story, which is a unique experience. As senior producer Katy Kaszynski mentioned in a speech at this year's Develop: Brighton conference to make this game his own brand new MMO experience.

In answering the question of how developers balance the new and interesting mechanics of the new world with the expectations and knowledge of mature MMORPG players, Kaszynski said that this is something the team is talking about because they are "trying to create a new game"-their purpose is creating A new MMO. "This is a difficult type to enter, and we don't want to be like everyone else," she explained. "And we are not against in-game mounts"-this is an example of the familiar MMO features that newcomers might want to see.

Aeternum's beasts cannot be tamed, but other than that, it's all about the immersion we want them to have, and then they get an agent to do whatever they want in it, she explained. So, we heard their voices. We know that mounts are what people really want. It's not just mounts — there are other things that people are really interested in — and they are not left out, the developer said. The developer provided an example of PvP-it was previously opt-in, and there were not many modes until the Alpha version of the game.

The development team did not want to enter full loot PvP again. Kaszynski said that full loot PvP has always been a feature of the early version of the game, but it was later abandoned. "That's what they are asking for; they are asking for full loot PvP, but when we talk about what they lack, what they really like, those who don’t say "sad"-those who say, "No, I just really like going out And interact with people. I like the opportunity [where] it just happened"-we took this feedback and thought, "What can we do to match the design and vision of the new world? This is how we came up with faction control points. So they can get involved at any time. "

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