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Should I mention my primary school in my CV?
Do you still have to include dropped-out studies in your CV?
this and other quetions will be answered in this post.

Should I mention my primary school in my CV?
You might have listed your primary school as a single station in your education in your application for a student internship, but once you have obtained your school-leaving certificate, this is no longer the case. In your CV, you now only list the school where you graduated.

Do you still have to include dropped-out studies in your CV?
If you dropped out of your studies after several semesters, can still be helpful to include it in your CV. After all, you learned a lot during those semesters and it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. However, the short duration of your studies or the lack of a final grade will make recruiters aware that you have not completed your studies. Alternatively, you can write in brackets without a degree.

However, if you have only studied a subject for one semester, it certainly makes more sense to omit this information or ask is it necessary to add - especially if you were doing something else at the same time so that there is no gap in your CV.

Skills, qualifications and interests.
Skills, additional qualifications and hobbies are important things to include in your CV. Here are some examples:

Language skills
Computer and IT skills (e.g. Microsoft Office, Photoshop or even a programming language)
Experience abroad
Instrument, singing
Sporting activities, membership in clubs
voluntary activities
further education and training, retraining
own projects

The structure of your CV should be clear and your subheadings concise. The heading "Other" is too general for many recruiters and makes your qualifications seem less important.

Additional qualifications language skills
When stating your software and language skills in your application, as greate service says: you should also make an assessment of your respective skills at the same time. If you have taken language courses, you can prove this by the respective language level.

If you have learned a language during a semester abroad, for example, you will have to give your own assessment. There are also common formulations for this.

English: fluent in written and spoken
French: business fluent
Russian: basic knowledge

You should only list foreign language skills at native speaker level if they do not correspond to the official language of the country in which you are applying.

You can also list programming languages under your language skills. Here, too, you should indicate the level.

If your CV is modern or particularly creative, you can also list your language skills using a point scale instead of the detailed wording.


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