Most Affectionate Dogs as ESAs - 2021

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It is no surprise that pets share a special connection with humans. While there may be many pets, none may match the loyalty of a dog. They are not only friendly, playful, and jolly but at the same time, they are some of the most affectionate creatures. 



Emotional support demands affection and that is why an emotional support animal (ESA) could be the best option for you. So, if you are a dog person, the selection could be much easier. You might want to choose from the most affectionate dog breeds tha can easily get emotional support animal letter. If you are confused, here is a little head start.


Affectionate Breeds

  • Pugs are some of the best at showing affection. They are known to stick to humans like velcro and would follow you from one room to the other. They were originally bred to be lap dogs - that is why they show much affection towards their owners.
  • Labrador and Golden retrievers would not come as a surprise to dog lovers. They are affectionate and intelligent. Also, since they can be trained easily, it makes them a great choice for families. They grow fond of children which makes them so much more lovable.
  • Dachshund is another breed on the list. They have a unique body structure that resembles a hot dog. They are known to cuddle with humans, be with them at all times, and can be great ESAs. If you plan to keep them, do not forget to get an esa letter from a reliable source. The medical practitioner will view your application and ultimately you would be provided with the letter.
  • Alaskan Klee Kai is another breed of dog that is known to show much affection. Since they are Alaskan, they have the most amazing furry coat. They are considered by many to be the most affectionate ones. You would definitely want such a lovable creature running about with you?
  • Rottweiler might be considered intimidating to keep intruders away. But that does not mean that this dog does not have a soft spot. They are incredibly friendly and develop a close friendship with the owners. They can grow huge in size and exceed 100 pounds but that just makes them more cuddly. They will keep your worries away and give you the time of your life.
  • Newfoundlands are calm giants. They can be trained easily and love to be around children and their owners. They are very active and can take you away from mundane routines to explore newer avenues. They resemble big teddy bears and rightly so. They are less likely to bite as well.Do you know can dogs eat broccoli?
  • Jack Russel Terrier is another breed that loves to be close to the owners as much as they can. They will greet you, they will follow you, and generally provide you with the affection you desire. You can get a snuffle mat for dogs and allow the Terrier to play. It is necessary to create a playful environment so that the time just flows by without worries.


Now you may have some idea on what to choose as your ESA. But don’t forget, you will have certain responsibilities that you would have to fulfill. They require care, attention, grooming, food, etc. While selecting an ESA, you would have to look at the financial situation, space constraints, and other variables as well. They are not just decoration pieces but rather living things that may not survive without your efforts.First know about can dogs eat popcorn before giving them.

Many of these breeds could be very huge size-wise and accommodating them could be of much concern. You should try to be as comfortable as possible with a new companion at your home. Increased tensions, anxieties, and other such issues should be the least of your concerns when keeping a dog. You must do the things you love with the animal - and that is why you must choose wisely.



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