Knowledge of how to maintain a synthetic fiber wig

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A large number of people use hairdressing products to make themselves appear more attractive

A large number of people use hairdressing products to make themselves appear more attractive. Wives are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as a result of this trend. You may simply want a different appearance, or you may be required to wear a wig for religious reasons. However, wearing a wig does not imply that you are neglecting your natural hair. At the very least, you should take care of your natural hair before purchasing a Peruvian Hair Vendor. When it comes to hair under a wig, not seeing should not be taken as a sign of indifference. It is possible that your scalp will be significantly less irritated while wearing a wholesale hair as opposed to when not wearing any hair. Take note that, even though wigs are considered an alternative hairstyle, they cannot be treated the same way as your own hair or clothing.

a method of carding


Metal tooth brushes and wide tooth combs can be used to comb through wigs. Make sure to begin combing the long hair wig or wig from the tip of the hair and work your way up to the hairline gradually. It is not necessary to pull the knotted hair; instead, comb it by hand. A coarse tooth comb should not be used to prevent hair from forming small curls.

Modifications to the size
There is an elastic band (with velcro or hook) attached to the nape of the neck, which allows you to adjust the tension as necessary. It should be remembered that an elastic band that is too tight will cause the wig to rise from the nape of the neck to the base of the neck with the movement of your head.

Makeup, nail polish, and other hair care products
Extruding gel should be avoided, as should the use of products that are not specifically designed for wig care and maintenance. Some hairdressing products have the potential to cause irreversible damage to wigs.

The source of heat,
Heat and steam (from the oven, grill, fireplace, hair dryer, sauna, bathroom, etc.) should be avoided when wearing wigs with synthetic hair. The hair can be irreparably damaged and become curly as a result of this process.

Wet hair will not damage the wig; do not use a hair dryer on wet or damp hair.
When combing your hand through your wet synthetic wig's hair, you should use a comb with very wide teeth.

How to properly support a wig
We strongly advise against using a polystyrene head as a support for a hairpiece. The polystyrene head prevents the wig from receiving adequate ventilation. The wig hat may be wet (following washing) or wet with sweat (following wearing). The polystyrene head makes it simple to loosen the elastic band that holds the wig in place.

We recommend that you use wig supports that allow for adequate ventilation throughout the wig, particularly on the inside. A vase with a wide opening can be used as a wig holder. Place the wig in a box that will not be used for a long period of time and wash it thoroughly.

How to cut wigs in a professional manner
Avoid using hairpins that may leave indelible traces of synthetic wigs, such as martich, click petals, tight rubber bands, and so on. Pliers (spring clips) are usually the best option because they do not leave any traces.

How to properly clean wigs
NB always uses only cold water in each washing stage, no matter how long it takes.
Blow-dry the wig with a comb (do not blow-dry if the hair is curly).
Fill the basin halfway with water, then add a teaspoon of shampoo and mix well.
Place the wig in the solution, taking care not to rub, wrinkle, or twist it.
Instead of washing the wig with a brush, turn it over and gently wash it with your hands to remove any cosmetic stains (honey powder, blush, etc.) without damaging it.
Soak for approximately ten minutes.
Remove the wig and change the water in the tub. When washing it, it is preferable to do so in the sink rather than under the shower or faucet.
Make a second shampoo and leave it to soak for about 5 minutes before washing your hair.
Repeat the rinsing process as necessary until the shampoo is completely removed.
To dry the mink hair wholesale, wrap it in a towel and pat it gently to remove excess moisture.
Using your hand or a comb with very wide teeth, comb the wig to your liking.
Make sure the wig is securely fastened to the support so that air can circulate both inside and outside of the wig.
Curling irons should not be used because they have no effect.
Allow for air drying and avoid using heat sources to speed up the drying process.
Only when the wig is completely dry should you carefully comb it.
The synthetic Wholesale 613 Frontal Lace Wig will retain its style even after being washed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Shampoo is a cosmetic product that is used to remove hair from the scalp.
Following extensive testing of many different types of shampoo sold specifically for wigs as well as shampoos for personal use (available in every supermarket), we have concluded that the use of the latter guarantees the same results for specific wig sales. The use of a mild shampoo, preferably one that contains conditioner, is highly recommended for this purpose.

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