Want to See Sharks in Oahu Without Diving?

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Cage diving to see sharks sound fun to some thrill-seeking Hawaiian vacationers. But there are other ways to do it that are a bit less intense. It's one of the reasons many people chose the private boat tours North Shore captains can provide. They can take you to the shark-infested waters off Oahu for some up-close views from the comfort and security of a smooth-riding tour boat. It's a far cry from putting on scuba gear and going down in a cage, and you'll still have a memorable experience seeing sharks and other marine life. The North Shore coastline makes a gorgeous backdrop for your ocean adventure by boat.

On the way to and from seeing sharks on your North Shore boat ride, you may also see dolphins, sea turtles, and ocean birds of several species. The natural splendor of Hawaii, from rain forests to volcanoes to spectacular marine life, is among the best reasons to visit. On your first trip, if you visit during the busiest winter months, one of the lessons to learn is that traffic can become an issue. But when you take a boat tour, there's nothing but scenery and enjoyment out on the water. You'll also see mountain peaks, forests, and beaches from out on the water in alternate views that are gorgeous.

If seasickness has been an issue for you in the past, it's time to try an advanced watercraft that moves swiftly and never bobs up and down. Each person is unique, but you may be among those who find their seasickness problems disappear when riding in the right kind of boat. It also makes sightseeing fast-moving and is about the farthest thing from a slow-moving tour bus stuck in traffic. Even skeptical people become enthusiasts once they're on the boat and out on the ocean. Adding in exciting elements like seeing sharks becomes a full-fledged adventure tour unlike anything else.

What's also crucial is to sign on for a tour with an experienced captain who knows all the right spots to tour and the hidden gems. The Oahu North Shore is known for the Seven-Mile Miracle that includes the world's best surf breaks (waves). It's a place you can visit to experience the power of the Pacific and take in beautiful ocean scenery. When you add in marine life, it becomes one of the most exciting tour-boat rides anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands and close to anyone staying on Oahu. On your first visit, you'll want to see Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and other attractions in Honolulu, but then head north.